Exploring yourself and your surroundings that little bit further to discover all the best a country has to offer

Experience – Adventure

A range of adventures that can be as challenging or benign as you wish – but rest assured you’ll get an insight into the country of your choosing that many travellers will never experience.
Let’s discuss how we can focus on, or interweave, any of these with your next holiday itinerary

4 x 4 Explorations

You can choose between being driven by a qualified driver on a hair-raising ride across the desert dunes of the Arabian Desert, right through to charting your own safari across the endless wastelands of Namibia – and anything in between. Tell us how adventurous, or just inquisitive you are and we’ll tailor make a journey to fit

Big River Exploration

Paddle your own dugout, canoodle in a canoe, or trek through the dense jungle in search of new species. This type of holiday, whether in the Amazon, Ganges or Zambezi, is for the more adventurous but can still be comfortable and luxurious, with you staying in secluded luxury camps with wonderful views and ambiance. A real get-away-from-it-all experience.

Rain & Cloud Forest

Whether you’re in Sri Lanka, India, Ecuador or any other exotic location, you’ll find that Rain Forest and Cloud Forest (there’s a clue in the name) can provide you with unique challenges and experiences that are hard to beat elsewhere. Even though you may be damp or hot, you’ll always return to a wonderful lodge to dry off, relax and dine in style.

Mountain Adventures

Not all mountains involve you in fitting crampons and clambering up ridiculously steep rock faces! The Himalayan region, including Nepal, India, Sikkim, West Bengal and Bhutan, as well as mountain ranges in other continents, offer some of the most unspoilt and dramatic scenery you’ll ever find with rarefied clear air and lots of wandering and wondering at a pace and level of difficulty to suit you.

The Silk Road

Travel by train across the barren wastes of Asia or simply plot a course through some of the more exotic countries on this ancient trading route from Japan to the Mediterranean and you’ll experience everything from minarets to mausoleums, monuments to music in a constant transition between soviet and spectacular, exotic and esoteric.

Ends of the Earth

Remote, wild and barren but still with accommodation that’s comfortable, charismatic and cultured. The lands of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina & Chile or even the extremities of any of our more ‘civilised’ continents provide endless vistas, raging currents and brutal scenery – such as The Cape of Good Hope and Kanyakumari.


Few uncharted regions of the earth remain but there are a few where you won’t see many people and can believe you’re alone in the world. Avoid the main tourist trails, discover little used tracks and enjoy the majesty of true wilderness. Sometimes you’ll compromise your accommodation standard but you won’t be compromising the experience.
From the Skeleton Coast of Namibia, to Balpakram in northeast India and Hokkaido in Japan, we’ll help you lose yourself in beauty and tranquility.

Frozen Wastes

Personally, we prefer warmer climes but with our partners we’ll put you onto an ice cap somewhere remote at either of the extremities of our planet or on a snowy mountaintop where you’ll be one of the few to venture into this ice world for an experience you’ll never forget -all overseen by the same TLC World care and attention to detail.


Creating new adventures together

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100% Tailor-made

✅ Your entire holiday is designed with you, to meet your exact wishes.
✅ Explore your interests at your own speed.
✅ Select your preferred style of accommodation.

Knowledge & Experience

✅ Benefit from our extensive experience from having lived or stayed in most countries.
✅ Get the very best itinerary for your time and budget - fine tuned until it fits.
✅ Personal attention from the same person, start to finish.

Outstanding Service

✅ Your own private vehicle with personable driver.
✅ Reliable 24/7 access to our team in each country.
✅ Optional personal guide companions for the duration of your holiday.


Peace of Mind

✅ Fully bonded and protected travel.
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