Outstanding Accommodation

From the delightfully bizarre to genuinely characterful 5* luxury, we organise lodgings to suit all tastes and meet all budgets

Experience – Outstanding Accommodation

When you come to choose your holiday, consider any of our accommodation ideas below, or enjoy a mix of styles as your itinerary allows. Rest assured they’re all ‘boutique’, very personal and stylish and will create lasting memories and experiences. Just let us know what type of holiday you’d like.

Basic or Bizarre

Whether you fancy a night in a tree house that’s more akin to a garden shed, away from the rest of civilisation on the wild plains of Zimbabwe or time in a tent that moves with the safari every night, then you’ll be sure to make memories that will last a lifetime.

4* and fun

Hotels where there’s an excellent standard of accommodation without being over the top and yet retaining the character of the country with a standard of service that makes you feel truly welcome.

Luxury tented

Imagine yourself as part of the Raj or as a great white hunter with every wish accommodated in style – five star service where the only similarity to a tent is the canvas over your head and comfort is never compromised – a truly romantic experience

Heritage & history

Choose stunning properties, such as Tintagel in Colombo, once residence to the Bandaranaike family – heads of state – where history sometimes takes precedence over the finest of finish but a sense of occasion prevails.

Palaces & Princes

Fit for a king and often with royalty in residence. Some of these palaces, many of them in India, are still home to the princely families that own them, so you’ll be rubbing shoulders with some of the country’s most intellectual and knowledgeable elite as well as staying in grand and elegant surroundings.


These hotels usually have more rooms and/or individual cabins but have a wider range of on-site facilities such as a choice of pools, bars and restaurants that you’ll share with a larger number of people – but still in comfort and style.

5* luxury

Not all five star hotels have to be soulless edifices that sap the character away from the country you’re in. We’ll offer you some stunning accommodation in idyllic or fascinating places – such as the Taj Palace in Mumbai, so that you can return to relax in luxury once you’ve exhausted yourself.

Cabins & cruises

Whether you’re looking for a holiday on a small luxury cruiser with only fifty cabins, a singular experience on a Sampan, an intimate experience with Blue-footed Boobys in the Galapagos on a six cabin island hopper, or a houseboat to yourself in the backwaters of Kerala, we can find the right experience to suit your idea of excellence and inspiration.

Luxury rail

Some of the most stunning scenery in the world slips by as you sip a cocktail or dine in style in some of the world’s most elegant surroundings on wheels – before you stop for a safari excursion or tour into the interior of some of the most exotic continents from South America to South Africa and India.


Creating new adventures together

TLC World at home and abroad

100% Tailor-made

✅ Your entire holiday is designed with you, to meet your exact wishes.
✅ Explore your interests at your own speed.
✅ Select your preferred style of accommodation.

Knowledge & Experience

✅ Benefit from our extensive experience from having lived or stayed in most countries.
✅ Get the very best itinerary for your time and budget - fine tuned until it fits.
✅ Personal attention from the same person, start to finish.

Outstanding Service

✅ Your own private vehicle with personable driver.
✅ Reliable 24/7 access to our team in each country.
✅ Optional personal guide companions for the duration of your holiday.

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Peace of Mind

✅ Fully bonded and protected travel.
✅ All flights/travel combinations fully ATOL protected.
✅ TTA Approved members. 100% financial guarantee.