An unbelievably diverse selection of enriching cultural experiences across all continents to add texture and colour to every holiday

Experience – Culture

A wonderful spectrum of human history spanning fascinating historical, religious and cultural practices, constructions and sites that chart our civilisation since earliest times.

Let’s discuss how we can interweave any of these with your next holiday itinerary

Sites and cities of significance

Architecture is a road map of civilisation in terms of its design and technological evolution as well as charting its physical and social needs throughout time. Return to a colonial past, or move forwards to a tantalising future – from Dutch influenced Galle in Sri Lanka; the Spanish signature throughout Trinidad in Cuba; French style of Pondicherry, or the silicon sparkle of Bangalore in Southern India, to the skyscrapers and pagodas of Shanghai; your journey with us is one through a fascinating living history.

Tribal and indigenous communities

From the isolated Chinese fishing community of Crab Island in Malaysia to the remote sands of the Kalahari and jungles of central India we’ll take you to places where time stands still. Your presence will often contribute to the continuity of these indigenous peoples and you’ll gain a fascinating insight into ways of life that have largely disappeared into the mists of time.

Historic Landmarks

From the Equatorial Meridian line in Quito, Ecuador, the Taj Mahal in Agra, India, the chilling ‘ground zero’ of Hiroshima and the soaring towers of Petronas in Kuala Lumpur, there are endless breath-taking markers to leave an indelible impression on your consciousness as we take you in style through the countries of your choice.

Seats of civilisation

Whether you’re standing on the peak of a mountain in Peru or a rock promontory in Sri Lanka you’ll be stunned by the innovation and endurance of civilisations that existed centuries ago and formed the bedrock of our existence today. Let us introduce you to wondrous things, often in unbelievable locations


Spion Kop, Rorke’s Drift, The Lucknow Residency, Siege of Ladysmith, The Indian Mutiny, Ho Chi Minh Trail, Tet offensive; an evocative list of locations that are sadly endless but the eerie fascination and social history that surrounds these sites is mesmerising in its complexity, folly and enduring significance. Let us help you gain an insight into the politics, strategy and tactics of these often cataclysmic events by including them, fully guided, in your perhaps otherwise more relaxing itinerary

Human endeavour

Man has excelled in both ingenuity and creativity in expanding his knowledge, technology and achievement – and you can rediscover this inspirational journey for yourself – whether following  the fever fuelled steps of David Livingstone in Zambia; the dogged dedication of diamond miners in Namibia; tea plantations on the rugged slopes of Sri Lanka, Steam railways in the dramatic Himalayas or your own exploration of the Amazon – we’ll help you discover your own world of wonder.

Religious shrines & temples

Wonder at the overwhelming ostentation or abject simplicity of religious sites around the world and gain an insight into the practices and performances of each faith that have sculpted civilisations. Either as casual observer or participant you can’t help but be awestruck at the effort, energy, investment and dedication that has been devoted to the pursuit of spiritual perfection. A tour of religious shrines can take you to the most incredible locations around the world, irrespective of your own beliefs.

Human social conflict & change

Political artifice and commercial avarice have led to sweeping global change, never more so than in some of the most strategically important places of the world – from the conflict between decadence and communism in Cuba, the bigotry and brutality of Apartheid and the destiny and division of Caste in India – touring with us will give you a perspective on travel that embroiders the tapestry of your experiences in any country you choose.


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