Attractions & Events

A seemingly endless collection of unique experiences to enjoy and participate in that define the very country you’re in.

Experience – Attractions & Events

A range of specific events and attractions that colour in your overall experience to give a more rounded perspective of each country when added to your itinerary.
Let’s discuss how we can focus on, or interweave, any of these with your next holiday itinerary


Put away your preconceptions of what a market offers when we take you to some of the most outlandish, esoteric and quite often bizarre places in pursuit of a colourful bargain.


Whether you’re trading your partner for twenty camels or seeking ethnic art in one of the world’s largest craft fairs, you’ll be immersed in the unforgettably vibrant atmosphere of the very best under the spotlight – or the sun .

Blossoms & Blooms

Floating Frangipane flowers at a shrine, millions of Marigolds in garlands at a wedding, a sea of red Damask Roses in Thailand or a complete country in Cherry blossom with Japan and your travel will be blessed with colour if we help you choose the right moment.


Some of the most vibrant, energetic and colourful extravaganzas of self-expression in music, dance and masquerade occur during carnival time from Goa to Rio and encapsulate the character of a whole country or region. Make sure we get you to the right place on time!

Religious Festivals

Capture the true essence of religious festivities and obeisance, with all the contrasts of colour and piety that can leave you happy and humbled or simply mesmerised by the sheer scale or abject simplicity of these events – from a beautiful ‘Ranguli’ design at Diwali to complete immersion in powder colour at Holi, or the deafening Esala Perahera in Kandy, you can’t fail to be moved.


The joyous coming together of music and dance or art and design, or costume and colour creates spectacles that must be part of any itinerary if you’re to enjoy the best a country has to offer. With us planning the timing with you means you’ll stand the best chance of getting the best from your holiday in any country.

Sunrise & Sunset

Since the dawn of time, whether in wonder or faith, there’s been a fascination with the rising and setting sun and we can share some of the most spectacular locations with you to enhance your travel and colour your life with a full spectrum of experiences that are personal to you rather than the preserve of many.

Natural Events

Spectacular events in nature, viewed from a safe distance, give us an insight into the might and majesty of our planet; reminding us that we are simply passengers on a wonderful journey. What better way to truly appreciate the lands we visit than to sit beside smoldering volcanoes, bubbling hot springs or the mass migration of a species. Tell us what insights you seek.

Christmas & New Year

It might be your Christmas or someone else’s New Year but special events happen around the globe to help make your celebration of their, or your annual landmark in time a memorable occasion. Why not find out where you could be this year?


Whether its yours or someone else’s that you’re planning, we’ll combine the right blend of intimate and idyllic; in some of the most exotic or romantic locations on earth. Personalised experiences to celebrate unique partnerships.


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